Top 5 Teacher Must Haves

August 2, 2012

I want to share my top 5 resources that I use in my classroom.  I am linking up with Kelley from The Teacher Idea Factory and Rachelle from Life is Sweet.  


1.  Smart Board

2000i Rear Projection SMART Board photo.

I have had my Smart Board for only a few months but I absolutely love it!!  I don’t know how I taught without it.  It is my all time favorite!  (By the way, the picture above is just an image I got off the internet–it is not me!)

 2. Paper cutter

My classroom is very far from the teacher’s workroom.  I use my paper cutter daily.  I give my students spiral reviews on half sheets of paper since we are limited on copies and paper.

3. DIce    
I love these dice. Students are more motivated to play math games with these dice.  (There is actually a die within a die and the kids just love them.)
4. Electric pencil sharpener 
I tried the expensive pencil sharpeners and they don’t last any longer than this one I purchased at
Sam’s Club.

5. Plastic sheet protectors

I use these almost daily. I like these better than the small white boards. I put in a math frame or graphic organizer for the students to use. The math frames are changed almost daily to go with my lesson. I use them for guided practice and checking for understanding!
Thank you Kelley and Rachelle for hosting this Linky Party.



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