ELA Spiral Review

November 4, 2012

I have just completed my ELA Spiral Review Weeks 21-28 for second grade.  This Daily ELA Spiral Review is a great way to start the day with your second grade students! It is designed to help the students get extra practice and review grammar skills that have been taught in class.

Most of the concepts covered are aligned with the Common Core Standards.

These worksheets have greatly helped my students to score well on the state test. Many questions are formatted like the state test.

The following skills that are covered in this packet for 2nd grade includes:

-Identifying nouns and verbs
-Prefixes and suffixes
-Multiple meaning words
-Antonyms and synonyms
-Spelling patterns
-Main idea
-Quotation marks
-Identifying complete sentences

Each page is designed to be cut in half to save on paper and to be a quick activity. This is an excellent way to review 2nd grade ELA skills.

Click on the pictures below to get your free sample.

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