Turkey Time

November 14, 2012

 My class made these adorable turkeys. The pattern is from Glyph Girls. I put a bow on the head if they were a girl and a bow on the neck for the boys.  My students put black stripes on the legs if they like to eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  I have only one student that doesn’t eat turkey.  The stripes are supposed to be different colors depending on if they like white or dark meat.  My students aren’t picky.  They like it all!  We could have done more for the glyph, but I basically just wanted to have an art project for my students to make.

Next week I have the entire week off.  I plan on doing some baking. This pumpkin cinnamon streusel coffee cake also looks delicious!   Hop on over to Two Peas & Their Pod for the recipe.

Here is another delicious Pumpkin Cream Cheese Coffee Cake from the Galley Gourmet.  Now to decide which one to make.   What are some of your favorite fall recipes?

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