Word Problems for Second Grade

May 18, 2013

My class has working on word problems for the last few weeks.  They are getting really good at solving word problems.  I am so proud of them!  They know what key words to look for and the steps in solving them.  I teach them CUBES. I do lots of modeling and then we do guided practice with our white boards.  Before I let them do their independent work, I check for understanding.  Our district is really big on all of these components of a lesson—not to mention the objective and the big concept. 
                                   C  -Circle the question

                                   U – Underline important information
                                   B – Block out information
                                   E – Write the equation
                                   S – Solve.

Click on the addition and subtraction word problems for your free copy.  In the subtraction worksheet, I put in extra information to make it more difficult. 


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