Writing in Second Grade

August 20, 2013

This is the beginning of my second week of school.  My students struggle with writing a story so I am starting them with the basics.  I like to teach them how to stretch a sentence by making a super sentence. We start with a simple sentence and then brainstorm ideas for adding who, what, where, and when words as well as describing words. I like to show them this video that explains how to stretch a sentence and use describing words.

The first super sentence we wrote was about a monster.  Writing about monsters is an easy way to get students to use their imagination and get creative. Click on the picture of the monster super sentence for your free copy.

FREE Super Sentence
Monster Super Sentence
Here is a book from Evan-Moor that gives you step-by-step guided practice on writing a super sentence. It is a great guide on how to write a complete sentence using lots of detail.
I also made this adorable Writer’s Eye bulletin board. It is a great visual for students to help them when they are writing and proofreading their writing.   It is free from Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade.
I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on improving students writing.
Free Teaching Resources for elementary education

If you enjoy these super sentences and need some more practice for your students, click here for some winter super sentences and here for penguin super sentences.


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