December Ideas and Freebies for the Elementary Classroom

December 2, 2015

I am linking up with many wonderful second-grade teachers to give you some ideas for the month of December.

 Christmas Writing

December is always a fun and busy month with lots of crafts and writing.  Our first writing activity for the month is retelling a Christmas story.  

I like to read the Biggest Christmas Tree Ever by Steven Kroll. I have my students make this retelling flipbook. It gives them practice writing the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Flipbooks are a fun way to practice this important skill. You can get a FREE copy of this flipbook by clicking here.

Christmas Crafts

I have been teaching for many years and get tired of doing the same activities year after year.  I love surfing the web for new ideas.  I found this cute Santa Pete the Cat from School is a Happy Place.  You can get the pattern FREE.  Click here to get the pattern.

 Reindeer Snack

Of course, I need to think of an idea for our party in a few weeks.  I went shopping and bought items to make reindeer.  Now to decide which one to make for my students.

Christmas Math Freebies

Check out these freebies that I have created over the years.  This year I made a new Roll & Cover dice game for my students.  They roll 2 dice and add the numbers together.  The first students to get all of their numbers covered up wins the game.  I made four versions of this game to share with you.  You can get your FREE  copy of Roll & Cover by clicking on the picture below.

Here is a Christmas Freebie from my TPT store that includes identifying verbs, end punctuation, missing addends, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction with regrouping, and 2-step word problems.  Click on the picture below to get your FREE copy of Christmas Print and Go.

Christmas Math Worksheets Second Grade Free

This second-grade Christmas math spiral review is a perfect review of many math skills that second graders need to know to be successful in school.  Grab your free copy of Christmas Math by clicking on the picture.

Free Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade
Task cards are another great way for students to review the skills they have learned.  You can put them in a center or post them around the room so the students can walk around the room to complete them.
Happy Holidays!


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