Penguin Ideas and Freebies

January 16, 2016
I love penguins!  I think they are so adorable.  There are so many great resources on penguins.  I am going to share a few of my favorite resources and activities with you.

I always like to start my penguin unit by reading books and showing great pictures of penguins on my SMART board.  Here is a great FREE resource from JD’s Rockin’ Readers.  It is filled with beautiful pictures and kid-friendly facts about penguins.
Here is a great video from YouTube on Emperor Penguins.



My students enjoyed watching this cute video about a penguin that wished he could fly.  After we watched the short video, my students wrote in their journal telling me what they wished they could do.


Here is an oldie but goodie from another blog post of mine.  I am putting it in this post so you don’t have to waste time looking all over the place for resources.  If you are like me, there is never enough time in the day to get everything accomplished.  The Penguin Math has addition and subtraction with regrouping, mental math, and place value for second grade.  Click here for a FREE copy of the penguin math worksheets for second grade.

My students think I am the best teacher because I let them paint with watercolors.  It is a big task when you have 29 students, but it is a fun activity to do on a Friday afternoon.    
This project takes several days to complete.  On the first day, I let the students watercolor stripes across their paper.  On day two, I give out pieces of construction paper and let the students make their own penguins.  I like them to do it on their own.  I don’t want everyone’s penguin to look exactly the same.  The students use Q-tips dipped into white paint for the snow.  I also like to use glitter glue to decorate the scarves and earmuffs.
Many of my students need extra practice in writing sentences with detail.  Here are some FREE penguin super sentences to use with your class. Click on the picture of the super sentences for your FREE copy.
Winter Sentences
Students always love the story about Tacky the Penguin and Little Penguin’s Tale.   I like to have my students tell their partner the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  This oral language is needed for my EL students.  I also have students share with the class the various parts of the story.  Then the students write in their retelling journals.    You can purchase the retelling journal here
What are some of your favorite penguin resources or activities?   

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