Fall Math Centers

October 16, 2016

This is a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing colors and the weather getting cooler.  I am going to share with you some fall activities that I do with my students.

I read many books to my students about fall. One of my favorite one books to read is Animals in Fall by Martha E. H. Rustad.  This is an excellent book that describes what animals do to prepare for winter.

Why Do Leaves Change Colors is another great nonfiction book for students.  It gives a detailed explanation on how leaves change colors.
My students work on skip counting, missing addends, and adding 3 numbers for math centers.  It is a great way to help students retain these math skills and gives me a chance to work with students.
Scarecrow activities

 They also play Three in a Row or Roll & Cover to help them memorize math facts.
Dice games for second grade
My students need constant review to remember the skills that I have taught them.  Fall Fun has both math and grammar skills in it.  My students love having their own little book and are so eager to work in it.  You can purchase the math centers and Fall Fun booklet in my TPT store.
Fall math
My students love doing directed drawing by Art for Kids Hub.


Click on the picture below for your FREE copy of place value for second grade.
Fall math for second grade
Do you need more math for fall?  Check out my math packet here.

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