Classroom Management Tricks and Tips

August 7, 2019
Classrooom management is key to a successful school year.  The beginning of the school year is the time to teach rules and procedures.  It is also the time to promote positive behavior in the classroom.  Promoting positive behavior in the classroom is an essential part of teaching.  If you are positive and show your students love and compassion, they will respect you in return.  Check out these classroom management tips and tricks to help your school year go smoothly.
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Scratch and Reveal Positive Notes

I like to give positive notes to my students to let them know that I appreciate their kindness and hard work.  These rewards are editable.  I cover the reward with a scratch-off sticker that I got from Amazon.  You can also use acrylic paint and dish soap to cover up the reward.  These Scratch and Reveal Positive Notes are a FREEBIE in my TpT store.  
Positive note freebie


One of my favorite classroom management tricks is KerPlunk.  I was lucky to find this large one on clearance.  I choose a behavior that I want to focus on and make a sign.  I wanted my students to work quietly, however you can choose a different goal for your students to work on such as working quietly for 10 minutes.   Every time they worked quietly for five to ten minutes, I would have a student take a stick out of the KerPlunk.  Once all the balls go crashing down, we reached our goal and they are rewarded. For example, they may get extra recess, eat with the teacher, or a dance party.
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Secret Walker

Kids like to talk in line.  However, this problem can be easily solved by choosing a secret walker.   At the beginning of the day, choose a secret walker but don’t tell anyone.  Tell the students that you are watching everyone in line.  At the end of the day, you announce the secret walker.  If they were following your expectations, they get a reward.  My friend, Shannon at Life Between Summers, has coupons you can purchase.
Secret Walker
Secret Walker Prize Coupon

Kudos Positive Note Freebie

Give your students a Kudo when you catch them being good!  Students feel good about themselves when you give them a positive note and parents love them too.  As you know, when you feel good about yourself it is easy to be positive about school.  You can get these positive notes by clicking here.

The Power to Choose

I love the book “What Should Danny Do?”.  There are 8 stories in 1 book.  Students get to choose how Danny’s day at school will end.  This book empowers kids to make positive choices while showing them the natural consequences of negative choices.   My students beg me to read it over and over again.  You can’t go wrong with this book!  Here is my affiliate link for this book:


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