7 Christmas Gifts for Parents From Students

November 14, 2021
Christmas parent gift ideas

The holiday season is right around the corner and as teachers, we all are already searching for the perfect student Christmas gifts for parents. It is always a fun time of year, and students love to create something special for their parents or loved ones. I want to share with you some of my favorite student Christmas gifts for parents.

Christmas Gifts for Parents For the Holiday Season

These Christmas gifts for parents have no price tag but are unique to each child and I love seeing the excitement and love they put into their Christmas gifts. Here are some handmade gifts your students will love to create!

Christmas Tiles

Christmas Parent Gift
Christmas Tiles

My favorite Christmas gifts for parents to make with my students are these adorable Christmas Tiles. I love gifts with students photos on them. There are so many possibilities and so many options for personalization. I have seen teachers use handprints, fingerprints, footprints, and more! 

I love this idea from Hollie Griffith that uses photos. If you are looking to use a picture of your student and you cannot take pictures of your students, use their school pictures. Normally, schools get one copy of each picture of a student to use for their records. You can ask your secretary if they can quickly make a copy of each or you can grab them!  

Christmas Stained Glass

Stained Glass Parent Gift
Stained Glass

Stained glass is so pretty, but can be a very long process and hard to complete in the classroom. There are so many ideas for making “stained glass”. But one of my favorites is this Christmas tree stained glass. It allows you to create a “stained glass” effect using tin foil and paints. Plus, throw it in a picture frame and it makes the perfect Christmas decorations for their family’s home.

There are so many ways to change this stained glass craft into a winter craft as well. You can do snowflakes or a snowman! This way you can create gifts for all parents, whether they celebrate Christmas or another important holiday. 

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

Reindeer Ornament

Thumbprints, handprints, and footprints are some of the most memorable during childhood. These reindeer thumbprint ornaments from Little Bit Funky make the perfect Christmas gifts for parents.. There are so many colored ornaments in stores now you can give your students so much choice and variety when it comes to picking out the perfect ornament for their family. I love using red or green for this craft and adding a Christmas ribbon. 

Using just paint and a sharpie, these cute little reindeer will find the perfect place on their Christmas tree. 

Reindeer Handprint Ornaments

Reindeer student Christmas gift for parents
Reindeer Handprint

If you do not want to travel out and shop for ornaments, you can easily create these reindeer handprint ornaments. A little paint, a laminator, and some cute googly eyes and red pom pom noses create the cutest faces. These handprints come to life and will last a lifetime on the Christmas tree. 

My students always comment on how excited they are to see how their hand grows every Christmas when they put up their ornament.

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Snowman Handprint Ornaments

Student Christmas Gifts for Parents
Snowman Handprint Ornament

Parents love this snowman handprint ornament from Mrs. Terhune. You’ll need to grab some ornaments for this craft. I suggest clear or blue ones. If you use the clear ornaments, grab some fluff or styrofoam balls, and fill them up to make it look like the snowmen are in the snow! 

Students use their handprints and grab the bottom of the ornament to create a snowmen family. Each student can give their snowmen a personality and different accessories depending on what they (or their parents) enjoy and like. I have seen students create baseball players, Santa, and more!  There are so many adorable snowman Christmas gifts for parents to make with your students that is it difficult to choose.

Snow Globe Gift

Student Christmas Gifts for Parents
Snow Globe Ornament

Another Christmas gift for parents idea is this snow globe ornament. Take a picture of each student. Either a nice one with them sitting or standing, or make it a little fun and have the student pretend they are trapped in the snow globe! You’ll need a laminator, glitter, paint, and the snow globe template for this one. But, it makes a great holiday party craft, or for a Friday afternoon where the kids are maybe just a little too unfocused, getting closer to Christmas. 

Plus, it allows you to add a fun little writing piece to it. The “if I was trapped in a snow globe” writing is always a fun one during the winter months and letting students create and get trapped in one makes it even more enjoyable. 

There is a great video tutorial from Crafty Morning.

Snowman Handprint Canvas

Snowman handprint family
Snowman Handprint Gift Idea

This snowman canvas from Learning and Exploring Through Play is the cutest Christmas gift for parents. It is a great non-specific holiday gift for parents. Using a canvas, some paint students, and a marker, each student can create a beautiful and fun snowman family! A lot of craft stores have art-making kits that come with 6 or more canvases at a great price! 

I hope you have found this list of Christmas gifts for parents helpful! They may not be an Amazon gift card, but all parents love to open handmade crafts during the holidays! Don’t forget everything you need can easily be found at your local craft store, dollar store, or are available online! Enjoy making one or more of these holiday gifts with your class! 

What are your favorite student Christmas gifts for parents to make with your class? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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Happy teaching and warmest holiday wishes!


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