13 FREE and Fun Winter Activities Made For The Classroom

December 31, 2021

The weather outside is starting to get a little frightful, and you may be looking for some winter activities that can be brought into the classroom. Winter activities are some of my favorites skiing, ice skating, and snowball fights are just a few I enjoy. But I can’t take my class to the mountain or pelt my students with snowballs. So I have come up with a list of 13 FREE winter activities you and your students can enjoy inside the classroom.

13 FREE & Fun Winter Activities For School

The cold weather is no reason to be sad. You and your students can have a ton of fun inside with these indoor activities that will take away the chill! Here is a winter activities list I am sure your students will love. 

Snowman Math Mystery Pictures– Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures

Snowman Math Mystery Picture using the Hundreds Chart

Every kid loves building a snowman, but did you know they can create one inside and practice math at the same time. These snowman mystery pictures include math skills such as hundreds chart, 120 chart, multiplication, and a coordinate grid!

Winter Grammar Word Searches– Smiling & Shining in 2nd Grade 

Free noun, verb, and adjective word searches
Free Second Grade Winter Grammar Worksheets

Word searches are fun and exciting for students! Students identify each sentence’s nouns, verbs, or adjectives in this winter grammar word search resource. Then, they find it in the word search. These are perfect for review or early finishers.

Snowman Winter Writing Activity– Grace-Filled Classroom

Free Winter Activity for Second Grade

There are so many excellent books about snow and winter. This writing craftivity involves reading  a special winter story and creating a writing piece centered around the sentence starter “if I have a snowman.” After writing, students make their paper look like a snowman. 

Snowman Contractions– Smiling & Shining in 2nd Grade 

Free second grade grammar worksheet
Free Winter Themed Contraction Worksheet for 2nd Grade

This contraction worksheet freebie includes one cut and paste contraction worksheet and one worksheet where the students make up their own contractions. These are great for early finishers, centers, review, or morning work.

Snowman Math Riddles– Smiling & Shining in 2nd Grade 

Free Math Worksheets 2nd Grade

Everyone loves a good riddle, and when you can incorporate snowmen and math into the riddle, it becomes 100x more fun! These 2-digit addition and subtraction riddles are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

How to Build a Snowman– Curriculum Castle 

Winter writing activites
Free Snowman Writing Idea and Craft

Another great option centered around snowmen, this craft is all about sequence writing and having students tell the reader how to build a snowman. Reading a great book about snowmen before is always a great introduction activity. Plus, students then get to make their snowman and put it inside a paper snowglobe! 

Stuck in a Snow Globe- Bitmoji Craze for Educators

Snow Globe Writing Activity

This group has so many excellent resources created by educators. I highly recommend joining this Facebook group to gain access to so many amazing freebies. Every kid always imagines what it would be like if they got trapped inside a snowglobe. With this activity, they have the chance to explain what they would do if they were TRAPPED IN A SNOWGLOBE! A great creative writing activity, pair it with the video The Snowglobe Family on YouTube, and your students will want to write forever! 

Here is a cute video on YouTube about a deer getting trapped in a snow globe.

If I Were Trapped in a Snow Globe Graphic Organizer- Smiling & Shining in 2nd Grade 

Free Trapped in a Snow Globe Graphic Organizer
Winter Writing Activity
FREE Trapped in a Snow Globe Writing Paper

Kids always come up with the most imaginative ideas! I love to see what students would do if they could live in a snowglobe! It is such a magical object, and students always have great ideas. Students talked about building endless snowmen, skiing or sledding for hours or days, and more. 

Winter Bird Art Lesson by Deep Space Sparkle

winter art project activity for kids
Snowbirds Winter Art Project for Elementary Students

This art lesson can take a little more time, but I promise when you finish you will be happy you decided to do it! Students create a snowy background full of trees and then use paper, paint, and oil pastels to create beautiful, colorful winter birds! 

Winter Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade-Smiling & Shining in 2nd Grade 

second grade math worksheets freebie
FREE 2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Reviewing different math concepts can be boring on an average old worksheet. However, they become way more fun when you add snowflakes, snowmen, and a joke! Winter Math for Second Grade covers 2- digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, 3-digit addition and subtraction skills with regrouping, mental math, counting money, 2-step word problems, and telling time. These free second-grade math worksheets can be found in my TpT store and my FREE resource library.

Snowman Writing Flip Book Freebie -All Students Can Shine

Winter Writing Freebie

When you think of winter, you often think about the arctic, and students LOVE learning about the animals that live in these places, penguins especially. The nonfiction reading passage includes vocabulary words, comprehension questions, notetaking, and writing! Perfect for guided reading or a fun whole class activity.

Snowman Directed Drawing– Proud to Be Primary

snowman art project

Directed draws are always so much fun! The children love to create beautiful art while following the directions, and they enjoy looking at each other’s drawings and seeing how different they all look even though they all followed the same steps! This snowman draw is adorable, and the watercolor background makes it pop! Perfect for a hallway or window display.

Winter Science Activity– Fun at Home with Kids

Winter activities for kids
Winter Science Project

Watching a snowman melt usually is no fun for kids. But this science experiment is going to change that idea! Each student or pair or group can build a snowman out of the materials given, and then BAM! They can watch it melt because of an easy chemical reaction. There are so many different extension activities you could add to this fun activity to make it appropriate for almost any grade level! 

Winter Wonderland

You can easily turn your classroom into a winter wonderland with all of these fun winter activities. Even after the excitement of the holiday season, there are still so many fun activities you can do with your students. I hope you can check a couple of these things off your list!

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