Odd and Even Numbers Fun Activities for Second Graders

August 14, 2022

FREE Number Sort

The understanding of even and odd numbers is important for building a strong math foundation and learning about number sense.

This Bubble PowerPoint for odd and even numbers is a FREE fun and engaging activity to practice identifying even and odd numbers!  It is a great math warm-up activity to do with your students for a quick review before math class.  

Students get excited about demonstrating their knowledge of math skills when you use technology rather than old boring worksheets.  The best part for the teacher is there is no prep! Click the odd and even picture below to get your FREE copy.

FREE odd and even sort for second grade

How do I teach odd and even numbers?

Hands-on activities are my favorite ways to teach math.  Give students cubes, marbles, M & Ms, or any item you have to put into groups of two and see if any are left without a match.  If the items match up perfectly, the number is even.  If they don’t pair up perfectly and one is left without a pair then that number is odd.  

Once my students get the concept, I teach them the rule for odd and even numbers.

  • Numbers ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are odd numbers all the time!
  • Numbers ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 Who do we appreciate?  Even numbers!

You can grab these free posters from Traci Clausen. Click here for the link to these odd and even posters.

For additional practice on odd and even, I like to play the mystery number with my students. Many math concepts are covered in this math warm-up.  The students love guessing the mystery number. The mystery number helps students with their critical thinking and many times there is more than one correct answer. This is part of my digital math warm-ups in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Guess the Mystery Number

Videos for teaching Odd and Even

I am linking up some of my favorite videos for teaching this topic.

This song teaches students about even numbers and that all even numbers can be split into half.

0, 2-4-6-8 0, 2-4-6-8 Say this rhyme,

If ANY number ends, With one of those digits,

Then that number’s even, Every time…

This song teaches shows that any number ending in an odd digit is also odd.

Why do my learners need to know even and odd numbers?

Learning about odd and even numbers is important because it plays a big role in future math skills.  It helps students later on when they are learning about prime numbers.  

Need some FREE place value worksheets? Check out the link below.

FREE Halloween Place Value Worksheets

Place Value and Number Sense Worksheets


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