20 Free Halloween Math and Literacy Worksheets for First and Second Grade

October 7, 2023

Halloween can be the perfect backdrop for fostering essential math skills for first and second-graders. I love using Halloween-themed worksheets to review and practice math and literacy skills learned in class. Check out the free Halloween worksheets that are in my FREE resource library.

Free Halloween Math and Grammar Worksheets

FREE Halloween Worksheets for First and Second Grade

I have many FREE Halloween worksheets in my free resource library. These first and second-grade no-prep Halloween worksheets are perfect for working on math and literacy skills with a fun holiday theme.

Halloween Math Worksheets

These Free Halloween math worksheets cover skills like comparing 3-digit numbers, expanded form, ordering numbers, and finding the missing addends. You can grab your free copy here.

2nd Grade Math Worksheets
Halloween Math Worksheets 2nd Grade

Halloween Math Riddles Worksheets

Who doesn’t like a good riddle? What do you call a skeleton who won’t work? Solve this riddle and two more in these free Halloween worksheets for second grade by solving 2-digit addition problems.

What kind of dessert do ghosts like? It’s I scream, of course! Seeing my students enjoying themselves while practicing essential math skills is always a delight. They never seem to complain when I incorporate math riddles & jokes in our lessons. They always ask for more!

These riddles are perfect for morning work, homework, and math stations. These FREE Halloween worksheets allow students to practice 2-digit addition skills and have fun while solving the Halloween riddle. Students must answer the math problems provided to solve the riddle or joke. You can find these Free Halloween Math Riddles Worksheets for 2nd grade in my free resource library.

Click here for your free copy of Halloween Math Riddles for Second Grade.

FREE 2nd grade Halloween math worksheet
FREE Halloween Math Riddles

Halloween Math Spiral Review for Second Grade

Get in the spooky spirit with this Halloween spiral math review for second grade! Students will demonstrate their knowledge of place value, expanded form, skip counting, ordering numbers.. So, while your students practice second-grade math skills, they will also get into the Halloween spirit, making learning fun!

Click here for your second grade spiral math review FREE.

2nd Grade Spiral Review
Spiral Review for Second Grade

Halloween Google Slides

I like to use these Halloween Google slides as a review for 10 more and 10 less, & 100 more and 100 less with my second graders. Basic arithmetic skills become increasingly important as children progress through their early school years. One of the most fundamental skills that students need to master is addition. While adding by 1 is a skill that most students will pick up quite quickly, adding by 10 and 100 can be more challenging. However, it is an essential skill to master, as it lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts.

With this digital resource, your students will practice adding and subtracting 10 and 100 from a given number. You can assign it to them in Google Classroom, or I like to project it onto my giant screen and use it as a review or a quick math warm-up. You can grab this 10 more & 10 less, and 100 more and 100 less resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Free Halloween Math Google Slides for 2nd grade
Halloween 10 More & 10 Less

October Morning Work for Second Grade

Get ready for some Halloween math and literacy fun that’s perfect for second-graders! This Halloween morning work is explicitly designed for second-grade students. This Halloween spiral review is the ideal way to start the school day during the spooky season.

For many second-grade students, the start of the day can be a bit overwhelming. After all, they are just beginning to adjust to the routines and expectations of elementary school. This is where morning work comes in. Morning work is a short period of time at the beginning of the day when students can review and practice important concepts before diving into new material.

It covers essential second-grade math and grammar concepts, including subtraction on a number line, comparing numbers, graphing, mental math, math word problem, spelling, vowels, commas, rhyming, and verbs. Each worksheet is designed to reinforce specific skills to make your student successful in school.

Click here for a sample of morning work for 2nd grade.

Free Morning Work for 2nd Grade with a Halloween Theme
2nd grade Spiral Review Morning Work

Halloween Literacy Worksheets

Are you looking for FREE Halloween grammar worksheets for first and second grade? I am busy adding FREE Halloween worksheets in my free resource library. Make sure you check back to see what new resources I have added to it.

Free Halloween Contractions Worksheets

A contraction is a shorter way to say two words. Check out these FREE Halloween contractions worksheets where students practice writing contractions from two words. These free Halloween worksheets allow your students to practice this confusing concept. 

Click here for a copy of FREE Halloween worksheets for first and second grade.

FREE Halloween Contractions Worksheets

Free Halloween Subject and Predicate Worksheets

In English grammar, the subject and predicate are two of the most basic components of a sentence. Simply put, the subject tells us what the sentence is about, while the predicate tells us what the subject is doing or what is happening to it. While these concepts may seem simple at first glance, understanding them is essential to being able to construct clear, coherent sentences.

Students need to know how to write a complete sentence. Halloween is a great time to learn about subjects and predicates!

For example, “The ghost floated through the graveyard” is a sentence with the subject “the ghost” and the predicate “floated through the graveyard.” Another example could be “The bats flew into the cave,” with the subject “the bats” and the predicate “flew into the cave.” Second graders can have fun learning about subjects and predicates using these Free Halloween-themed sentences!

Click here for a subject and predicate worksheets second grade FREE.

Subject Predicate Worksheets
Subject and Predicate Halloween Worksheets

Free Halloween Verbs Worksheet

One way to make school work more fun during Halloween is by including spooky elements like a ghost, a skeleton, or a witch on the worksheet. This will keep younger kids engaged and interested. Halloween-themed verbs worksheet will make the activity even more exciting!

Grab your verbs worksheets in this blog post.

Free Verb Worksheet 2nd grade
Free Halloween Verbs Worksheet

Free Halloween Super Sentences

These Halloween-themed grammar practice sheets are ideal for reviewing end punctuation, identifying the verb in a sentence, identifying the subject and predicate, and making words plural. These free Halloween worksheets are perfect for morning work or homework.

Here is the link for my FREE resource library.

Free Halloween Grammar Review Worksheets
Halloween Grammar Review

Free Halloween Fix It Sentences

Students search for mistakes and correct the sentences in these FREE Halloween worksheets. Typically, these errors involve issues with capitalization, punctuation, and the spelling of basic words.

Here is the link for my FREE resource library.

Fix it sentences for second grade
Halloween Fix it Sentences

Need more ideas for Halloween? Check out this Halloween Math Freebies for Second Grade post.


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